Date & time for booking Timeframe of Masses
1. 27 April, Tuesday First Booking for Weekend Mass in May and
all Week Day Mass Bookings in May
2. 4 May, Tuesday Second Booking for Weekend Mass
3. 11 May, Tuesday Third Booking for Weekend Mass
4. 18 May, Tuesday Fourth and fifth Bookings for Weekend Mass

Kindly note that there will be no booking sessions for 20 April as the four booking sessions for April have been completed.


  • Booking of Weekday Masses is limited to one Mass per day.
  • Please be gracious and only book for Masses that you are able to attend.
  • A no-show for Masses that have been booked will be tracked in the system.
  • For more information, please check with your respective churches or visit:

Issued by the Archbishop’s Communications Office (ArchComms) for the Digital Church Office.
15 April 2021