Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP)


To live the gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice, hope

and joy, and by working to shape a more compassionate society.


We Lend A Helping Hand Through:

-Home visits to provide fellowship and companionship

-Financial assistance

-Tuition and Bursary for students

-Outings and Christmas parties

-Advocate and referrals to government agencies and other assistance groups

-Supporting Catholic Aged Homes and Hospices

-Twinning with oversea conferences in need

The SSVP reaches out to all those in need on a person to person basis, regardless of their faith, race or stature.

For Enquires Contact: James Surat  (97510946)



Holy Trinity Adelphi Corner (Canteen)

  • We aim to bring parishioners together to interact and bond over Sunday breakfast providing free tea and coffee
  • Every Sunday, ministries of the church take turns to offer a variety of local food at the canteen






Pastoral Care of the Infirm (PCI)

We are blessed to have a ministry looking after the needs of the sick of our parish, the aged, the infirmed and the homebound. Our members bring them Holy Communion on a monthly basis.

We also visit those in the hospitals and nursing homes within our parish boundary, namely :

  •  The Orange Valley Nursing Home (Simei)
  • All Saints Home (Tampines)
  • Kheng Chiu Home (Tampines)
  • Jamiyah Home for the Aged (Tampines)
  • Changi General Hospital (Simei)
  • St Andrew’s Community Hospital (Simei)

Those in need of the service may contact the parish office at 67842332.





Evergreen was formed 25 years ago as a means of bringing parishioners together for fellowship through music.

What we do:
• We organise music appreciation nights for parishioners to share a meal together, make friends, and be serenaded by our resident band
• We also organise visits to homes bringing love and joy through music and pilgrimages to various locations
• We aim to reassure those who have served the parish in their prime and let them know that they are not forgotten and that we value their presence by providing them with opportunities to mingle with others
• We hope our younger parishioners can learn from these pioneers’ vast knowledge and experiences




Holy Trinity Youth Ministry (HYTM)

Holy Trinity Youth Ministry (HTYM) consists of three communities:

  1. Revolutionaries for Christ (RFC)
  2. Genesis Youth (GY)
  3. Youth Revival (YR)

We give witness to the faith among the youths of Holy Trinity Church and beyond; and share with them the love of God that is real, tangible and life-changing.

What we do:

  • We work with catechists to organise annual Confirmation retreats for the parish.
  • Confirmation retreats allow Confirmands to encounter God on a personal level
  • Monthly Worship Nights for all communities and youths to gather in worship and fellowship.
For more information, please contact Josh Lim at or Germaine Goh at