Traffic Wardens

The Traffic Wardens Ministry is responsible for regulating vehicular movements and proper parking within the Church compound. We also ensure the safety of Parishioners when they are walking in the Church Car Park. Parking priority is for worshipers attending Mass and thus we try to optimise the parking spaces in accordance with safety guidelines, especially during the weekends and certain special days of our Church calendar.

As the congregation grows, we are urgently in need of more volunteers to serve the Church.

No special qualifications or requirements needed, except a willing and loving heart to serve the Lord.
Please contact Raymond Tan (98635371) or Ronald Buenaventura (98221142)

Willing Hands

What We Do:

  • Keep the church clean, tidy & pleasant.
  • Assist Art Ministry decoration work in any church celebration days.
  • Carry out some minor maintenance work.
  • Collaborate in attachment for the catechism teens for their “Community-In-Action” & “Salt & Light Project” programs.
  • Collaborate in attachment for Catholic school’s Value-In-Action program.

Where And When We Meet:

  • Meet every Wednesday and Saturday morning.
  • Gather once a year to have Christmas lunch party.
  • Gather occasionally after cleaning to have fellowship lunch.

For Volunteering:

  • Contact Person: Albert Chua
  • Phone: 96737540

Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP)

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (National Council of Singapore) [SSVP] is a registered charity and comprises more than 750 Members serving in 29 Conferences based in Catholic parishes all across Singapore, including the SSVP Conference of the Holy Trinity started on 11 November 1990.

Across Singapore, we befriend and journey with 3,200 poor and marginalised individuals, regardless of race, nationality and religion, whom we call our Friends in Need, to help them lead resilient and dignified lives.

We provide assistance to:

  1. Singles, Couples, Families with children and the elderly
  2. The poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged faced with life challenges including interpersonal, family, matrimonial, financial, housing, employment, education issues

Programmes and services include:

  1. Befriending and home visits; to have a better understanding of the assistance required so we may provide the needed vital support.
  2. Provisions and rations; food / groceries, household necessities and ration vouchers as well as milk and diapers etc.
  3. Information and resources; to help FINs contact relevant organisations including social service and government agencies for assistance and follow-up
  4. Financial aid; monetary assistance, help with financial and budget planning



  • Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity – meeting is on Thursday at 7.45pm – 9.30pm(fortnightly)


For enquiries, to contact or walk in to Parish Secretariat Office / Email:



Pastoral Care of the Infirm (PCI)

Pastoral Care for Infirm (PCI) is a ministry that looks into the needs of the sick, the aged and the infirm of the parish by bringing Holy Communion to our parishioners who are homebound and at nursing homes on a regular basis.

Those in need of the ministry’s service may contact the Parish Secretariat Office at 67842332 or fill up a copy of the PCI request form for Holy Communion that is available at the office




Evergreen was formed 25 years ago as a means of bringing parishioners together for fellowship through music.

What we do:
• We organise music appreciation nights for parishioners to share a meal together, make friends, and be serenaded by our resident band
• We also organise visits to homes bringing love and joy through music and pilgrimages to various locations
• We aim to reassure those who have served the parish in their prime and let them know that they are not forgotten and that we value their presence by providing them with opportunities to mingle with others
• We hope our younger parishioners can learn from these pioneers’ vast knowledge and experiences