Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP)

September 17, 2018

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (National Council of Singapore) [SSVP] is a registered charity and comprises more than 750 Members serving in 29 Conferences based in Catholic parishes all across Singapore, including the SSVP Conference of the Holy Trinity started on 11 November 1990.

Across Singapore, we befriend and journey with 3,200 poor and marginalised individuals, regardless of race, nationality and religion, whom we call our Friends in Need, to help them lead resilient and dignified lives.

We provide assistance to:

  1. Singles, Couples, Families with children and the elderly
  2. The poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged faced with life challenges including interpersonal, family, matrimonial, financial, housing, employment, education issues

Programmes and services include:

  1. Befriending and home visits; to have a better understanding of the assistance required so we may provide the needed vital support.
  2. Provisions and rations; food / groceries, household necessities and ration vouchers as well as milk and diapers etc.
  3. Information and resources; to help FINs contact relevant organisations including social service and government agencies for assistance and follow-up
  4. Financial aid; monetary assistance, help with financial and budget planning



  • Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity – meeting is on Thursday at 7.45pm – 9.30pm(fortnightly)


For enquiries, to contact or walk in to Parish Secretariat Office / Email: