Holy Trinity Youth Ministry (HYTM)

Holy Trinity Youth Ministry (HTYM) consists of three communities:

  1. Revolutionaries for Christ (RFC)
  2. Genesis Youth (GY)
  3. Youth Revival (YR)

We give witness to the faith among the youths of Holy Trinity Church and beyond; and share with them the love of God that is real, tangible and life-changing.

What we do:

  • We work with catechists to organise annual Confirmation retreats for the parish.
  • Confirmation retreats allow Confirmands to encounter God on a personal level
  • Monthly Worship Nights for all communities and youths to gather in worship and fellowship.
For more information, please contact Josh Lim at josh.matthias.lim@gmail.com or Germaine Goh at gohxiaowei@hotmail.com