The Knights of the Altar

April 24, 2018

Server bonding camp 2023

Servers after Maundy Thursday Mass 2023

The Knights of the Altar is a ministry that consists of altar servers who partake in the Liturgy of the Mass. The main role of an altar server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the Mass. Apart from serving during the Mass, we are a community of brothers in Christ who consistently grow our faith through prayer.

What we do:

  • Assist the celebrant in tasks during the Mass like carrying the cross and candle during the procession, laying of the Altar, presenting of the wine and water during the preparation of the gifts, etc.
  • Carry out canteen duty a few times a year which includes setting up tables and chairs, serving food and drinks and cleaning up the canteen and parish hall.
  • Hold monthly bonding days so as to promote interactions among servers and foster better friendships between them.


Our mission, “Ad Servum Deo Soli”, which translates to “To serve God alone”, reminds us that we are to focus on serving for the glory of God instead of other tangible incentives.

Requirements to join the ministry:

  • Males aged 8-14
  • Attends masses regularly
  • Has a passion to serve God with all his heart


If you feel called to serve in this ministry, kindly contact:

 Gerard Jofi (President): 98345874

Johan Raj (Vice-President): 81264721


Instagram: @holytrinity.knights