Extraordinary Ministers (EMs) of Holy Communion

We are lay people commissioned to assist our priests in distributing Holy Communion at Mass.

What we do:

  • We assist in distributing Holy Communion at Mass
  • We also work with the Pastoral Care of the Infirm (PCI) Ministry to bring Holy Communion to house-bound parishioners


Lectors Ministry

We are a committed group of people entrusted with the responsibility of proclaiming the Word of God at Masses and serving as instruments of God’s grace so that scriptures come alive.

What we do:
• Weekly meetings to prepare for weekend readings
• Annual Retreats
• Serving in the Canteen (twice a year)




Wardens Ministry

We are a group of people who assist the Parish Priest and his assistants in carrying out their liturgical duties at Mass.

What we do:
• We greet and usher parishioners
• We help maintain order in church
• We carry out collections during Mass
• We carry out other duties required by the priests




The Seraphim Choir

The Seraphim Choir, formed in 1990, is a regular mass choir at the Church of the Holy Trinity. We share our love for music and service to God with our motto: Reaching out with one voice.
Our vision — “A vibrant and engaging choir”…inspired by God’s love.
Our mission— “To sing as ONE voice and encourage active participation at Mass.”

What we do:
• We perform annual Christmas concerts in church, at various grassroots events for the elderly and underprivileged children, and at external concerts and productions.
• We cut our debut album, Moments, to aid the Church of Divine Mercy’s building fund
• We participated in the Swords to Ploughshares: A Prayer for Peace concert to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Church of St. Mary of the Angels
• We collaborated with the local musician Terence Castillo for a special performance




Trinity Choir

Trinity Choir was one of the first choirs to be formed in the Church of the Holy Trinity. Its first conductor was our first Parish Priest, Fr Paul Tay. The choir then was simply known as the 9:30 choir due to the fact that they sang at the 9:30am mass. However not many know that the choir used to sing for requiem masses and in Latin.

In 2002, when the current conductor took over the helm, the choir was renamed Trinity Choir. To date, we have about 35 members of different nationalities ranging from 14 to 58 years old, including a few who were members of the 9:30 choir.

What we do:
• We sing at the 9:30am mass
• Lead and inspire the congregation to partake in singing during mass




San Lorenzo Ruiz Choir (SLRC)

Formed in 2002, the Sunday Evening Choir was organised by Bobot Melejor with only four members. It was renamed as SLRC on 15th March, 2004 in honour of the Filipino saint.

What we do:
• We lead the congregation in proclaiming hope and the Word of God through Songs
• We unite believers to a common purpose as we sing our praises and worship to God
• Our desire to serve God strengthens our commitment to the unrelenting pursuit of our mission




Sta Cecilia Choir

The Sta Cecilia Choir consists of a Filipino choir and several local bands. It was established in 1996 by a group of Filipinos who share a common goal of serving the Lord and the parish community of the Church of the Holy Trinity.

What we do:
• We play music and songs during masses and special occasions
• We celebrate annual events like family days, Christmas parties and Visita Iglesia
• We also support activities organised by the church




The Knights of The Holy Eucharist

The primary role of the altar server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the Mass. Aside from our Mass duties, we aim to build a community of Christ-like young men led by prayer.

What we do:
We assist the celebrant in various tasks during the Mass. These include carrying the cross and candle during the procession, presenting of the bread, wine and water during the preparation of the gifts and much more. Our mission, “To Serve and not Be Served,” reminds us always, as Knights, to lay our service before others.

If you feel called to serve in this ministry, kindly contact:
Francis Xavier: 85714624
Anson Aroza: 98270893
email address: chtknights@gmail.com

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