The Neocatechumenal Way

The Neocatechumenal Way, a fruit of the Second Vatican Council, is a charism that the Holy Spirit has given to the Church as a way of Christian initiation or re-initiation. It is an instrument, which promotes a new and vigorous evangelisation. For more than forty years, it has been favouring a gradual but radical rediscovery of the riches of baptism.

The NCWay community was founded in 2001. We have 45 members ranging from 18 to 76 years old. Our young adults are from the St Bernadette community, the first in Singapore.

What we do:
• We seek to form a Christian community like the Holy Family of Nazareth; to live in humility, simplicity and praise, where the other is Christ
• We are in the stage of Initiation to Prayer where we are required to pray the Morning Lauds, from the Divine Office, daily
• Annually, we celebrate Easter with the Community with an overnight vigil to welcome the Risen Lord