Enter to Worship: Depart to serve

September 17, 2018

Besides the stained glass panels, there are numerous other embellishments that add to the beauty and inviolability of the church.

Upon stepping into the house of God, you will first notice that cordoned off in a little corner by the entrance of the main church stands the holy statues of Jesus Christ and our Mother Mary. The words emblazoned above them read, “To Jesus Thru Mary,” which serves as a reminder to all Catholics that when we recite the rosary to the Blessed Virgin, she will listen to us and intercede to her Son, Jesus Christ, on our behalf. We need only to humble ourselves in prayer and all things are possible.

The bronze holy water fonts on several pillars are made to match the bronze Stations of the Cross plaques as well as the large sculpture of our Risen Lord at the altar.

At the other end of the church, there is a shrine to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. This picture is also known as the “icon,” which is the Greek word for “image.” The icon proclaims the message that Mary who was able to comfort Christ in his sufferings, is able to comfort us in ours.

Parishioners can drop their petitions and thanksgiving letters in the shrine and these will be offered up during the Novena services.

When you cross over to the right side of the church, you will see two other unique features— namely, the confessionals and the Cry Room. Before the renovation, there were three confessionals constructed in the shape of a box. They were decorated with artificial vines and leaves to correspond with the theme of the Garden of Eden. However, they have since been redesigned to accommodate more pews and parishioners.

Alongside the confessionals is the Cry Room (Teresa of the Child Jesus). It is designed for parents with infants and toddlers to attend to their child’s needs. The room is soundproof while the doors are made of glass so that parents are still able to participate fully in the Eucharist, and the noise will be minimised in order for sacred silence to be kept throughout the mass.

Lastly, the sanctuary to the left of the altar, there stands an intricately carved gold and silver tabernacle. The rustic looking metal sculpture is the place where the Eucharist is kept. Because of this, it is the most protected part of the main church. During Good Friday, the tabernacle is covered with a purple cloth to signify that Christ is no longer present there, and to pay reverence to his death.