September 13, 2018

Serving is loving

Serving in a ministry is giving the gift of your time and talent for the good of others in our community. Below is a list of ministries which are categorised into Liturgical, Faith Formation, Prayer, Communities and Service. Come join us, share your talent and be a blessing to others today.




Some people have a JOB in the church. Others invite themselves into a MINISTRY. What’s the difference you might ask?

If you are doing it just because no one else will, it’s a JOB. If you are doing it to serve the Lord, it’s a MINISTRY.

If you quit because someone criticised you, it’s a JOB. If you keep on serving, it’s a MINISTRY. If you’ll do it as long as it does not interfere with your other activities, it’s a JOB. If you are committed to staying even if it means letting go of other things, it’s a MINISTRY.

If you quit because no one thanked you or praised you, it’s a JOB. If you stick with it even though no one recognised your efforts, it’s a MINISTRY.

It’s hard to get excited about a JOB. It’s almost impossible not to get excited about a MINISTRY.

If your concern is success, it’s a JOB. If your concern is faithfulness and service, it’s a MINISTRY.

If God calls you to a MINISTRY, don’t treat it like a JOB!

Dear Lord, strengthen your servants and move us to a true sense of ministry and service, through your grace and mercy. Amen.

(Taken from courtesy of Fr Brian Cavenaugh, TOR)


Liturgical Ministries:

Extraordinary Ministers (EMs) of Holy Communion
The Knights of The Holy Eucharist
Lectors Ministry
Wardens Ministry
Children’s Liturgy
The Seraphim Choir
Trinity Choir
San Lorenzo Ruiz Choir (SLRC)
Sta Cecilia Choir


Faith Formation Ministries:

Catechetical Ministry of the Church of the Holy Trinity
Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)
Parish Renewal Experience (PRE)


Prayer Ministries:

Legion of Mary
The Holy Family Rosary Devotion Group
Christian Meditation
Charismatic Prayer Community (CPC)
Divine Mercy
Sodality Prayer Group


Service Ministries:

Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP)
Holy Trinity Adelphi Corner (Canteen)
Pastoral Care for the Infirmed (PCI)



Simei Neighbourhood Christian Community (NCC)
Belonging Neighbourhood Christian Community (NCC)
Holy Trinity Youth Ministry (HYTM)
Couples for Christ (CFC)
The Neocatechumenal Way
Holy Trinity Church Chinese Ministry

Church of the Holy Trinity Kindergarten

A special mention to groups and individuals:

• Willing Hands volunteers
• Secretariat volunteers
• Thrift Shop volunteers
• Bookshop volunteers
• Vocation prayer group
• Mass audiovisual group
• Flower arrangement groups
• Daily mass, novena, funeral mass, singers & musician volunteers
And many others who contribute their time and talent to the Church in one way or another.