The Holy Family Rosary Devotion Group

December 24, 2018

All are welcome to invite the Holy Family Shrine to your home

Our ministry was established since the Church of Holy Trinity started in 1990.

We honour the presence of the Holy Family of Nazareth through our weekly devotion prayers at the homes of our parishioners.  Every week, our Holy Family Shrine will stay on with the family for 7 days to pray the rosary.

Our Mission-to cultivate a spiritual prayer journey with the presence of Jesus, praying fervently for the intercession of Mother Mary and seeking St Joseph for protection of families.

Our Vision- All-time favourite prayer in our parishioner’s home. We believe that praying together brings love and unity within the family and helps to strengthen community spirit in church.

“We pray because we strongly believe that…

the FAMILY that PRAYS together STAYS together”

Sunday – Collection and transferring of Holy Family Shrine to another home at 3pm followed by an hour of prayer with the family (within Tampines, Simei and Pasir Ris areas only).

All prayer materials are provided by church, you only need to provide a table to set up the Holy Family Shrine.

You will find details on the home that Holy Family is staying.. on the Church’s weekly bulletin or contact us.

Spiritual Director :Fr Joe Dinesh

Julliana Yeo Hp: 94468890

Maureen Tok Hp: 90156826