Mass Offering

September 18, 2018

Mass offering envelopes can be obtained from counter near lift lobby.
The contribution is $10/person/intention/mass.
All intentions submitted are offered up for Mass, whether or not the names are displayed on notice board.

There are three ways you could make the mass offering:

1) Drop off the mass offering envelope into the metal cabinet at the notice board area.
This can be done yourself or by a friend on your behalf.

2) Cheque sent by mail to ‘Church of the Holy Trinity’
Along with a piece of paper indicating your Name and contact number.
Please include the Name, the intention and the date and time of the Mass to be offered.

3) PayNow via church’s UEN – T08CC4049A
Under remarks, please include 1 of the following:

  1. MC (Mass Collections): For collection during Mass.
  2. MO (Mass Offering) followed by 1 of  3 acronyms:
    a. S (Soul)
    b. SI (Special Intention)
    c. T (Thanksgiving)
    Followed by (the person’s name for which the mass is to be said) and (date of mass)

This means the transfer is for collection during mass, it could be for individual or on behalf of a group.

MO SI, Tan Chew Lan, 13.06.22
This means the transfer is for Mass Offering with Special Intention for Tan Chew Lan, to be offered on 13th June 2022.