Reflections of the Day
How is it that you came in here without a wedding garment? (Matthew 22:12)

According to Jesus' parable, some who were invited to the wedding banquet said no. They were too busy. And it seems that one man who did show up hadn’t come to honor the king’s son. He came without the proper wedding garment. He came to partake of the royal feast, but with a less-than-royal purpose.

In Scripture, the image of a wedding garment is used to represent the essential elements of our life in Christ. It is described as a garment of salvation, a garment of obedience, and a garment of purity.

Now, if we were to apply this parable to the Mass, the story might look like this: some ignored God’s invitation to worship. One man, however, came and ate the Bread of Life, but he had no intention of following Jesus. His heart wasn’t clothed in the right “garment".

We face this question every Sunday: “have I come to the Eucharistic feast with my heart properly dressed? Or have I come without thinking about how eating the Bread of Life is meant to help me change my heart?"Coming properly dressed means being open to Jesus' grace and blessing. Coming without our garment may not mean being “thrown out"as the man in the parable was, but it could mean losing touch with the power and love at the heart of the Eucharist.

Let’s come to the wedding banquet today with a pliable heart. Let’s tell the Lord that we need his Bread of Life. Let’s enjoy the food that Jesus offers us. Then let’s leave Mass determined to keep our hearts covered all day long in this wonderful garment of salvation, obedience, and purity. Today and every Sunday, let’s remind ourselves that the Mass is a wonderful precursor to the great wedding banquet that will come when Jesus returns in glory. Let’s remember that if we keep our garment on now, we’ll be clothed in Christ at the end!

Meditations, 15 October 2017 ~ The Word Among Us

We Pray
“Thank you, Jesus, for inviting me to your banquet. Help me to follow you."

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