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Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

February 15, 2019

Blessed are you who are poor. (Luke 6:20) 

Who actually wants to embrace a life of poverty, mourning and hunger? Who actually believes that poverty is the way to blessing and happiness? Jesus does, because that’s the way he lived, and it’s the way he wants all of us to live as well.

Deep down, we all know that money doesn’t make people happy. There are plenty of miserable millionaires. Rich or poor, it’s good relationships that make people happy. And what could be a more important relationship than our relationship with God? No wonder Jesus was so happy! He had an unbroken relationship with his heavenly Father.

Jesus didn’t restrict his vision to the world around him. He also kept his eyes fixed on his heavenly Father. With his heart lifted up to God’s presence and his mind filled with truth by the Holy Spirit, Jesus was able to look at life clearly and joyfully. He wasn’t bound by money or by desire for a problem-free life where he always got his way. He was happy just knowing his Father and following his Father’s will.

Jesus gave us the beatitudes to teach us the secret of happiness. He knows that prosperous sinners are miserable people, however much the world envies them. The world cannot see the emptiness of a heart that is devoid of God’s love. It’s important to know that Jesus isn’t against money itself. He only wants us to set goals that go far beyond the accumulation of wealth.

Jesus once told his disciples that he had ‘food’ that they knew nothing about and that this ‘food’ was to do his Father’s will (John 4:32, 34). As we learn how to keep our minds fixed on the promises of God, we too will discover the secret to Jesus’ peace and happiness. By following in Jesus’ footsteps, we can know the same happiness he knew – the same happiness that fills all the saints and angels in heaven.


Jesus, fill my heart with your vision of life.

Teach me to be content with riches or poverty,

with good times and bad.

Lord, give me only your love!


Meditations 17 February 2019 ~ The Word Among Us


Blessed are you who are poor.